Coding is the Future

Having attended and completed my studies at VFS and SFU, you would think it’s enough to have a stable life. You would be right in thinking so, and if not for the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis, I might be comfortably sipping champaign on some beach at this very moment.

Shake it off, let’s be real. What am I up to? Nothing much, just chasing my dreams at an age of 30. (almost there!)

Vancouver has endless amount of schools to explore web design/development options to the point where I’m like shopping in a very very big supermarket with very little knowledge as a first-time consumer. Is that enough hint? You got it, CODING is what I’m after now.

It is the future and who doesn’t want to catch up.

I won’t be a great hacker or even remotely great at that, but to make some simple things happen using logic, I’m confident enough. After all, Philosophy Minor’s got to be useful somewhere :)

Trial and error, so far so good. Terrifyingly attempting and weirdly comforting.


Plant is for Life

Intense Watercolor Artist … if I could be anything, I’d love to do this for a living. But just being able to do this, being a part of the VerySmallStudio, life has offered so much more.

Drops from Heaven


Life is Round


Don’t remember many things that happened in my life. I’m sure there are regrets and wounds, but surviving till this day, I found life most fascinating.

Just when you think you are turning a page to the next chapter of your life, many unexpected events or feelings will pull you back to the old times, flipping back several pages. All this time you thought you are moving forward, it’s just been spinning around. But let’s make it the best spin ever.

When’s the last time I truly felt free, I actually don’t think I ever felt that way.

I walked, I ran, I cried.

I am caged and I imagined as I grow older that one day I shall be fearless and strong, but I helplessly failed to climb back up.

I don’t pray any more because I know it won’t do me any good.

Tears weakens my spirit by the minute, stabs my soft heart, altering my soul.

This is sad and true and far from over, but isn’t this why life is amazing. Life needs to have up and downs and life is a wonderful experience no matter why it is intended that way. At least, you need to believe so.

If you loose this faith you’ll never go back, lost in the mist of doubts and fall as a sad clown.

I sing, I draw, I laugh.

One day I’ll throw away all my troubles and laugh until my last breath.



Note to self:

One day I might be able to make some money on writing lyrics? Maybe …

Jennifer S

Can’t really say I do art, but hell I like art and people has always been my inspiration. So are many other things … well, good luck Jen and have fun.

Thumb Up to Jen!

Thumb Up to Jen!

Japanese Fabric

My one-day sewing lesson doesn’t make me a great tailor, but I love Japanese fabric for its colors, patterns and you must touch a fabric to know the craftsmanship, it is absolutely true. Enjoy.

Japanese fabric

Kokoro Dance

Kokoro dance


If Kokoro Dance is new to you, congratulations, one more absolutely amazing thing happened in your life and now it’s your turn to check it out. Vancouver classes in DT.

CLVR Just Some thoughts

Inspiration strikes most unexpectedly. I love it when it does and I hopeless feel that it’s not me who’s designing but it’s the graphics they want to be born. Anyways, keep on designing.




Green is the New Black

Green is the New Black


Love graphic design, and like someone once reminded me: once a designer, forever a designer.

Business Card, New Logo!

Finally Made it happen!

Finally Made it happen!


Finally, new logo with new business cards, gonna get them printed tomorrow! Any one knows a great printer in Richmond?

Graphic Resume


Better Catch Up!

Better Catch Up!

So this is what everybody’s up to recently, graphic resumes! As vector lover, I know I have much to experiment with. This is just the beginning. I feel I’m more comfortable with colors now than ever. It’s almost strange that it just came to me one day without warning. Very happy!

Tilt Cove


Great Park, Must Visit!

Great Park, TC reminded me how I like walking in the Burnaby Central Park.

Tilt Cove


When I first came to Canada in 2003, I didn’t know what to expect. I’d seen several films from Hollywood but never made any connections between Canada and the U.S. I had not even seen one photo of any Canadian landscape, let alone shots of its people and cities.

Growing up in a big city in China, I remember vividly about the nature disappearing in front of my eyes. Taller buildings get built, less trees blossom in the spring. More people are on the streets, slowly, the forest I used to play in disappeared into a parking lot, and old residences turned into shopping malls.

China is no doubt growing at an incredible speed. It’s like a cruel survival match where if you don’t win, you die. I miss the old days: when I had a place to listen to the wind and to observe the leaves putting on new colors for the next season. I sometimes feel so lucky to have been through an age where computers and Internet wasn’t a part of our lives, where happiness in life come from every little detail and everybody knows everyone around them.

While I can be as sentimental as I please, the reality is that we can’t go back in time, at least I can’t for the moment. I still appreciate Yahoo! News a great deal and that’s what got me started on this blog today. This image above does not do justice to Tilt Cove but I dare say beauty is not a concern for any of the seven people residing there – in the smallest town in Canada. Disappearing Small Towns in Canada is an interesting series ran by Yahoo! Canada and I recommend it to all who care about Canada.

Isn’t it ironic? Most of us are trying to make it big in the super cities, Vancouver, Toronto, New York or whichever city people find exciting while people in small towns live a completely different kind of life. It’s the same kind of desire – wanting to have a better life. But is life really that much better in big cities? Is computer and Internet making us better people? Are we more selfish or open? Polite or rude? Good or evil? Sadly, I don’t have an answer and I might not care about the answer.

The entrepreneurial blood in me want to solve Tilt Cove’s problem, but my mind tells me otherwise: it’s the side effect that comes with evolution. More people reside on Earth than ever and it’s just a fierce competition anywhere you go. In China, workers migrant from rural areas to big cities like Shanghai and Beijing. In Canada, people relocate to Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto to make a living. The age of  migration have arrived. People are shipping themselves to wherever they can live a better life and who can blame them for that?

However, I do not wish to see towns disappear in Canada. Aren’t we suppose to favor uniqueness more than uniformity. If everyone lives a similar life style, wouldn’t we become more boring as we go along in the history of evolution. People are being trained to survive fierce competitions but why can’t people be peaceful, be different and open-minded about differences? Wouldn’t this help human beings understand and appreciate each other better?

Like I said, I do not have an answer. But I’m glad enough to announce that I am not afraid of being different and I will remain clam in whatever I do. Life can be a speed race, but not for me. Details and value matters. People matter. There are people I truly care about and want to make myself available for wherever I go. Maybe some days I’ll become a mayor for a small town and stand by my choice! Life can be so unpredictable and may we all find inner peace in ourselves, keep good values and adapt to changes as we grow.


The 2012 Beijinger Reader Restaurant Awards

As the most popular section of  The Beijinger, Dining is a big deal. Compare to other section editors, dining editors are the busiest and are often victims of rapid weight gain. I have worked with two dinning editors in the course of my employment with True Run Media and I feel very lucky. They are both so professional and talented. I wish some days we can work together again. Now getting back to the making of this incredible cover.

For the TBJ Reader Restaurant Awards (from now on referred as RRA) which happens in March every year, restaurants are 100% voted by readers. Questionnaires  are so detailed that it requires at least 20 minutes of participation. I did it two times and I have to say if I wasn’t working for the magazine, I might not have the strength to finish it. Data is gathered quickly afterwards and winners are announced on the blogs first. Following the big ceremony (Victoria, our marketing manager is always drunk by the end) is the making of the April RRA issue.

Trust me, when you work for a magazine, you dine out a lot and as a result you get more picky about food. Although I have my favorites, I’m already ready for new experiences. I would often join our editors for dinner in new restaurants and taste food there without revealing who we are – undercover dinning. We don’t lie about food, not even for a client. In a city like Beijing where people really fight to survive, great restaurants simply keep getting better and bad ones fade out of people’s memory in no time. Being able to participate in two RRAs, I was very fortunate. Miss the days working with Marilyn and Iain. Such open-minded people, gentle and kind.

We could have Photoshop a logo onto the cropping board photo, but like what I learned in design school, it’s always better when you can make the real thing. That’s why I’m presenting the footage here, it feels like such a simple process now, I still remember at the time I was amazed by technology and what it’s capable of offering. Enjoy the issue simply by clicked on itlic font in line one.

Dining awards 2012


Recruiting Fine Dining Partner

Recruiting Fine Dining Partner

Dining awards 2012

2012 TBJ Reader Restaurant Awards from max wu on Vimeo.