It’s Sunday, I Like Coding

It’s a beautiful Sunday. Crisp with a twist of fall flavors. I’m stuck on projects at home, three of them. And I’m happy, just a normal state of happy. I’m coding and then I’m copying and pasting. I’m searching and I fail sometimes. Then I feel this is the best ever. I like coding, no matter it’s for WP or anything else. I like it so much that it doesn’t feel like a job. My OCD comes to play a bit too.

It’s Sunday and instead of having so much fun outdoors, I’m enjoying working on projects at home. I’m tired but who isn’t. Life is made of hard work and different emotions.

Just like a fine Italian gentlemen sipping coffee on a quiet Sunday afternoon, I’m drinking instant coffee and working at home, this is great.

I like coding. Nothing so far even compares to the joy coding brings me. I’m enjoying this, hopefully people can too enjoy this beautiful Sunday whichever planet they are on.


Shaking the Globe

This world of ours is being shaken at times. Sometimes frequently, sometimes not so much. I wish I know something about the future but how boring life must be with that possibility.
IMG_0579Drinking is not my thing, I do enjoy some drinks because it’s relaxing for the time being. Attacks, shooting, killing … every day someone loses their life. Everyday, people struggle to be alive or live a better life.

Some people believe life has meaning, I envy them with a curious mind.

Pokemon is back with a huge impact. The world is shaken, in good ways and bad ones. I feel sad and keep going back to one quote “anger is the result of misunderstanding” but then again to say everyone deserves forgiveness, I’m not sure I can agree with it.

Getting late in Van. News make me feel heavy, from the world or just a dear friend. Things will be better, so we all hope.

Hope is the one thing that keep everyone on this planet going.

Recently I’ve been feeling strange, taking on big projects and tasks. Feeling empowered by learning yet greedy wanting to learn much more. Maybe it’s just me. Still, the recent events make life a little bit heavier, even breathing is effort but maybe there will be something soon.

The hope is to stay forever hopeful and bright like the sun.



Where are we going? What is the meaning of life?

Hey, long time no post.

I like Yahoo News and I hate it at the same time. But that’s not what this is about. This is about an article on Yahoo news and the comments I occasionally read.

Yes, we human beings can be stupid and dangerous. Some who are smart with sound mind will argue our own stupidity will destroy the planet. And this is all very important because we don’t want to destroy this planet. Because by destroying this planet, we can possibility destroy something else that’s super remote and even we don’t know what we will end up destroying at the end.

What is the end? As if there was a beginning. Was there one, ever?

Sadly I agree with people who believe there is no meaning to life, initially. However or whatever happened. Life is present and we give it meaning ourselves.

If the planet has a heart and mind, would it curse the people on it, killing living things that makes the air polluted and river full of chemicals? I can’t say, I am not the Earth, I cannot put my human judgement to the planet and say hey, we ought to do better than this.

Yet I try not to drive if I can, I try not to use plastic if I can, all because I believe in a human society with rules and regulations. Does that make me smart, stupid or just average.

When I was younger I wished to know all the secrets of the universe and in order to obtain the answers, I was willing to trade my entire life for it. Now I am more laid back, still curious about where we came from and what purpose we had. However, like Sam Black used to tell me in his quiet office, “by the end of the day, people move on and live a normal life…” Yes indeed Sam, I give in. I accept my limitations and yet I remain curious.

A philosophical debate is the best, might be more interesting than coding. In my opinion, the pure joy of logic is great but not compare to reasoning for a purpose.

It’s a pleasure to write and I certainly hope it’s nice to read about what I have in my mind.

Coding is the Future

Having attended and completed my studies at VFS and SFU, you would think it’s enough to have a stable life. You would be right in thinking so, and if not for the┬á2007-2008 Financial Crisis, I might be comfortably sipping champaign on some beach at this very moment.

Shake it off, let’s be real. What am I up to?┬áNothing much, just chasing my dreams at an age of 30. (almost there!)

Vancouver has endless amount of schools to explore web design/development options to the point where I’m like shopping in a very very big supermarket with very little knowledge as a first-time consumer. Is that enough hint? You got it,┬áCODING┬áis what I’m after now.

It is the future and who doesn’t want to catch up.

I won’t be a great hacker or even remotely great at that, but to make some simple things happen using logic, I’m confident enough. After all, Philosophy Minor’s got to be useful somewhere ­čÖé

Trial and error, so far so good. Terrifyingly attempting and weirdly comforting.


Plant is for Life

Intense Watercolor Artist … if I could be anything, I’d love to do this for a living. But just being able to do this, being a part of the VerySmallStudio, life has offered so much more.

Drops from Heaven


Life is Round


Don’t remember many things that happened in my life. I’m sure there are regrets and wounds, but surviving till this day, I found life most fascinating.

Just when you think you are turning a page to the next chapter of your life, many unexpected events or feelings will pull you back to the old times, flipping back several pages. All this time you thought you are moving forward, it’s just been spinning around. But let’s make it the best spin ever.

When’s the last time I truly felt free, I actually don’t think I ever felt that way.

I walked, I ran, I cried.

I am caged and I imagined as I grow older that one day I shall be fearless and strong, but I helplessly failed to climb back up.

I don’t pray any more because I know it won’t do me any good.

Tears weakens my spirit by the minute, stabs my soft heart, altering my soul.

This is sad and true and far from over, but isn’t this why life is amazing. Life needs to have up and downs and life is a wonderful experience no matter why it is intended that way. At least, you need to believe so.

If you loose this faith you’ll never go back, lost in the mist of doubts and fall as a sad clown.

I sing, I draw, I laugh.

One day I’ll throw away all my troubles and laugh until my last breath.



Note to self:

One day I might be able to make some money on writing lyrics? Maybe …

Jennifer S

Can’t really say I do art, but hell I like art and people has always been my inspiration. So are many other things … well, good luck Jen and have fun.

Thumb Up to Jen!

Thumb Up to Jen!

Japanese Fabric

My one-day sewing lesson doesn’t make me a great tailor, but I love Japanese fabric for its colors, patterns and you must touch a fabric to know the craftsmanship, it is absolutely true. Enjoy.

Japanese fabric

Kokoro Dance

Kokoro dance


If Kokoro Dance is new to you, congratulations, one more absolutely amazing thing happened in your life and now it’s your turn to check it out. Vancouver classes in DT.

CLVR Just Some thoughts

Inspiration strikes most unexpectedly. I love it when it does and I hopeless feel that it’s not me who’s designing but it’s the graphics they want to be born. Anyways, keep on designing.




Green is the New Black

Green is the New Black


Love graphic design, and like someone once reminded me: once a designer, forever a designer.

Business Card, New Logo!

Finally Made it happen!

Finally Made it happen!


Finally, new logo with new business cards, gonna get them printed tomorrow! Any one knows a great printer in Richmond?