Saw this little baby again, last time spotted in Maldives two or three years ago, now I do miss those island days. Wish I can be on vacation soon. While working is all exciting and fun, I do enjoy vacation days a lot. But if I’m not working, I miss work … why are we built this way? We always learn and always forget. Things keep on rotating in the same way. I now started to understand people who only believes in animals.


Mr. Wang

Glad I bought him, otherwise what would be hanging on my bag strap right now? Well, won’t be able to see him everyday but I do appreciate him being around from time to time.

Mr. Wang

Flower Arrangement

FA is something I’ve wanted to learn but always feared I’ll become more and more feminine to the point I don’t really know who I am anymore, wait, I am female, I don’t have to think about being too feminine.
Flowers on my table

First Visit to Mann Cafe

This photo probably doesn’t do justice to the place. Well, as expensive as it is, Mann does offer a great place to study, chat or do business. They’ve chosen some of the best locations in the city, no doubt their business is just getting bigger and better, I do wonder how often they wash their bears … hmm …Mann bear



Mini Lights

Yes, Sanlitun has many things to offer. This might be the most insignificant of all those things. I walked by and really enjoyed the walk so I took this photo. I would hope to have a great camera with great skills to go with it, well, I can’t always wish for things like that to happen now, can I? Reminds me the holidays.

Hopefully I'll return to this wonderful city some day.

Hopefully I’ll return to this wonderful city some day.

Galaxy SOHO

All the SOHOs now make me crazy. And this contributes to it. Everybody has their own taste, this is, interesting but not very practical, thus, not really my taste, but as long as the materials are good and it doesn’t collapse, I guess I have no problem with it really.

Nice place near Iain's old apartment.

Nice place near Iain’s old apartment.


Holidays, Anyone?

Many people went out of the city for the holidays, I was on the highway for only one day and ran into a tiny accident, saw two big accidents on the way to Dandong City and can still remember many bored and exhausted faces. What does it mean to be holidays? Does anyone seriously take time to think about it? I bet it’s like being unprepared to answer interview questions such as “so … tell me about your fear”. Of course not, holidays are designed for us to rest, to enjoy and to refill our fuels that keep us going. I always like to spend my holidays aboard. It’s just a good chance to experience something different, to gain more knowledge about life and of course to see something amazing! Leave this one imageless so that people can use their imagination and picture the best holiday spot for themselves. I have my favorite one too but I’m not going to tell you which one. A secret makes a woman ____?

Spring Time is the Best!

lovely spring flowers

lovely spring flowers

Went to the horse musem in Beijing, discovered this cutie looking out of her window. Finally started to understand why so many people love horses!

Day Out

It was a rainy day, but I enjoy days like that in Beijing way better than the bright sunny ones, too bright, blinding level … I don’t know what people have been doing with their life, I know I’m looking for the ultimate spot for myself, I was … did I find it? I doubt that, the truth is when people are too comfortable with themselves and forget to feel for others, it became the mental cage. Human beings are truly a remarkable kind, they made things and they keep making the thing they’ve made useless. Technology changes so quickly now that it’s far beyond our learning ability. I dare say no one can master all new technology changes at all times. We build houses and tear it down to build a better one. We kill the old self and become a better person all the time. We just keep on changing, keep on moving on something else. But what happens when we all go back to ashes? When that day comes, all is meaningless, all is silent. Is it?

A Blank Moment

Where does the white go when snow melts? Please appreciate this sentence just as words, not a question. See what I’m talking about? Close your eyes, imagine a huge white space, yes, like the station Harry Potter went to but only without other people, chairs or any other physical objects. You are lying down, facing the sky. Now close your eyes, feel your body sink to the ground except it wasn’t a hard floor but a transport layer. There are millions of layers beneath it. You are not thinking about anything at the moment, not yourself, not the Universe, just think blank. This is just a little exercise I do during Yoga. It helps me to relax much easier, hopefully it works for others as well.

Just Cages

Appreciate the craft, tradition and the culture.