It’s Sunday, I Like Coding

It’s a beautiful Sunday. Crisp with a twist of fall flavors. I’m stuck on projects at home, three of them. And I’m happy, just a normal state of happy. I’m coding and then I’m copying and pasting. I’m searching and I fail sometimes. Then I feel this is the best ever. I like coding, no matter it’s for WP or anything else. I like it so much that it doesn’t feel like a job. My OCD comes to play a bit too.

It’s Sunday and instead of having so much fun outdoors, I’m enjoying working on projects at home. I’m tired but who isn’t. Life is made of hard work and different emotions.

Just like a fine Italian gentlemen sipping coffee on a quiet Sunday afternoon, I’m drinking instant coffee and working at home, this is great.

I like coding. Nothing so far even compares to the joy coding brings me. I’m enjoying this, hopefully people can too enjoy this beautiful Sunday whichever planet they are on.