Shaking the Globe

This world of ours is being shaken at times. Sometimes frequently, sometimes not so much. I wish I know something about the future but how boring life must be with that possibility.
IMG_0579Drinking is not my thing, I do enjoy some drinks because it’s relaxing for the time being. Attacks, shooting, killing … every day someone loses their life. Everyday, people struggle to be alive or live a better life.

Some people believe life has meaning, I envy them with a curious mind.

Pokemon is back with a huge impact. The world is shaken, in good ways and bad ones. I feel sad and keep going back to one quote “anger is the result of misunderstanding” but then again to say everyone deserves forgiveness, I’m not sure I can agree with it.

Getting late in Van. News make me feel heavy, from the world or just a dear friend. Things will be better, so we all hope.

Hope is the one thing that keep everyone on this planet going.

Recently I’ve been feeling strange, taking on big projects and tasks. Feeling empowered by learning yet greedy wanting to learn much more. Maybe it’s just me. Still, the recent events make life a little bit heavier, even breathing is effort but maybe there will be something soon.

The hope is to stay forever hopeful and bright like the sun.