Where are we going? What is the meaning of life?

Hey, long time no post.

I like Yahoo News and I hate it at the same time. But that’s not what this is about. This is about an article on Yahoo news and the comments I occasionally read.

Yes, we human beings can be stupid and dangerous. Some who are smart with sound mind will argue our own stupidity will destroy the planet. And this is all very important because we don’t want to destroy this planet. Because by destroying this planet, we can possibility destroy something else that’s super remote and even we don’t know what we will end up destroying at the end.

What is the end? As if there was a beginning. Was there one, ever?

Sadly I agree with people who believe there is no meaning to life, initially. However or whatever happened. Life is present and we give it meaning ourselves.

If the planet has a heart and mind, would it curse the people on it, killing living things that makes the air polluted and river full of chemicals? I can’t say, I am not the Earth, I cannot put my human judgement to the planet and say hey, we ought to do better than this.

Yet I try not to drive if I can, I try not to use plastic if I can, all because I believe in a human society with rules and regulations. Does that make me smart, stupid or just average.

When I was younger I wished to know all the secrets of the universe and in order to obtain the answers, I was willing to trade my entire life for it. Now I am more laid back, still curious about where we came from and what purpose we had. However, like Sam Black used to tell me in his quiet office, “by the end of the day, people move on and live a normal life…” Yes indeed Sam, I give in. I accept my limitations and yet I remain curious.

A philosophical debate is the best, might be more interesting than coding. In my opinion, the pure joy of logic is great but not compare to reasoning for a purpose.

It’s a pleasure to write and I certainly hope it’s nice to read about what I have in my mind.