Coding is the Future

Having attended and completed my studies at VFS and SFU, you would think it’s enough to have a stable life. You would be right in thinking so, and if not for the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis, I might be comfortably sipping champaign on some beach at this very moment.

Shake it off, let’s be real. What am I up to? Nothing much, just chasing my dreams at an age of 30. (almost there!)

Vancouver has endless amount of schools to explore web design/development options to the point where I’m like shopping in a very very big supermarket with very little knowledge as a first-time consumer. Is that enough hint? You got it, CODING is what I’m after now.

It is the future and who doesn’t want to catch up.

I won’t be a great hacker or even remotely great at that, but to make some simple things happen using logic, I’m confident enough. After all, Philosophy Minor’s got to be useful somewhere 🙂

Trial and error, so far so good. Terrifyingly attempting and weirdly comforting.