Life is Round


Don’t remember many things that happened in my life. I’m sure there are regrets and wounds, but surviving till this day, I found life most fascinating.

Just when you think you are turning a page to the next chapter of your life, many unexpected events or feelings will pull you back to the old times, flipping back several pages. All this time you thought you are moving forward, it’s just been spinning around. But let’s make it the best spin ever.

When’s the last time I truly felt free, I actually don’t think I ever felt that way.

I walked, I ran, I cried.

I am caged and I imagined as I grow older that one day I shall be fearless and strong, but I helplessly failed to climb back up.

I don’t pray any more because I know it won’t do me any good.

Tears weakens my spirit by the minute, stabs my soft heart, altering my soul.

This is sad and true and far from over, but isn’t this why life is amazing. Life needs to have up and downs and life is a wonderful experience no matter why it is intended that way. At least, you need to believe so.

If you loose this faith you’ll never go back, lost in the mist of doubts and fall as a sad clown.

I sing, I draw, I laugh.

One day I’ll throw away all my troubles and laugh until my last breath.



Note to self:

One day I might be able to make some money on writing lyrics? Maybe …