Logo for the Chen’s



I love making logos and it's hard to stop.

I love making logos and it’s hard to stop.

Recently I’ve been asked to make a couple of logos. While this one is my favorite, it wasn’t the lucky one that got chosen. Very good opportunity to get back to what I love to do. A short video to follow, stay tuned. In the mean while, I’m stressed about looking for job in Vancouver. I can do just about anything entry level but I don’t want to just do anything for a living. I want to make a difference and I have to admit the stress give me more incentive to land a better job. If I say I can’t then the day is over for me. That’s why I’ve always believed in myself.  I have always been conscious about my goal and while employers look at my resume which hardly tell me anything about me personal, I remain indifferent until I meet their team and see for myself if there’s the right chemistry.

For Ming and Mo, the happy Chen's

There’s a story behind this logo, of course. The above logo is the one chosen for the wedding. I don’t know why they chose it, but I’m glad they are happy with it. I have to admin seeing the video you made at a wedding with people looking at it is a very different experience than making it and enjoy it at home.

It’s interesting when friends would come to me for graphic help when they are not my “clients”. Working on anything for a friend is equally challenging, if not more than for a client you’ve met only once. More emotions involved though, that makes creating a good piece of work more pressuring for sure.

Once you’ve got a reputation of working with good energy and efficiency, you are pretty much building up a lot of expectations. People expect you’ll get the job done and I’d like to be trusted as a friend or coworker. I don’t live for others but with them.


Wedding short from max wu on Vimeo.