Holidays, Anyone?

Many people went out of the city for the holidays, I was on the highway for only one day and ran into a tiny accident, saw two big accidents on the way to Dandong City and can still remember many bored and exhausted faces. What does it mean to be holidays? Does anyone seriously take time to think about it? I bet it’s like being unprepared to answer interview questions such as “so … tell me about your fear”. Of course not, holidays are designed for us to rest, to enjoy and to refill our fuels that keep us going. I always like to spend my holidays aboard. It’s just a good chance to experience something different, to gain more knowledge about life and of course to see something amazing! Leave this one imageless so that people can use their imagination and picture the best holiday spot for themselves. I have my favorite one too but I’m not going to tell you which one. A secret makes a woman ____?