Black Bird

What if I tell you there’s a black bird hidden in the image you just clicked on, would you believe me? Would you go back and try to see whether you can find it? It would be an interesting find, however, the bird constantly travels and only reveal itself to someone who’s truly lucky. I haven’t seen it, have you?

The Look

It’s got the look, that kind of look you cannot forget, it haunts you in your dreams and that look, giving me creeps … it’s like saying ‘I cannot escape’ ‘I have no freedom’ ‘I am trapped’ ‘I am watched’ ‘I do not know what is going to happen and I am scared’.

I Do Like Cages

By no means hinting I like staying in cages or watching anyone in cages. Cages are cute … crafty. I like them very much.

Cage for Comfort

It is sad to see birds in cages and it is sadder when someone beside you is talking about the birds are not healthy at all, they should have been well kept and brahbrah … no mentioning of freeing the birds indeed. I cannot even look at them, how sad!!

Food for Flying

Never thought they eat these … then again, I know on one who had kept a bird so it’s okay without knowing. The ultimate place for bird lovers.

Something on Your Mind?

Let’s be honest, I am no photographer but I love it, I wish I could learn more, but we’ll see how it goes with the new job and if everything goes well, I will have time picking up a class or two. My Japanese class too, so I’m thinking, like this gentleman here, when should I start?

Water for Fish

So much in common, us and fish, if there’s not that element water/air, then we will not exist. Sad and happy. Life and death.

More Fish

Try to say more but photos speak for themselves

More Fish

Fish is amazing to look at. Why? Try asking why not. I’d love to feed them and pet them, but that’s not going to happen unless I have a home and a couple of friends in the city who’s going to take care of them when I’m not there. Ah, thinking too much all the time, but I hate seeing them die, it’s eventually going to happen, but not under my roof!

Where is Your Secret Garden?

I haven’t got one and I envy those who do. Beautiful garden and floating homes, everything you need to live a standard line in the west coast. Enjoy leisure and luxurious good air!

Sleeping Sun

The Moon is always being described as sleeping, what about a sleeping Sun? Would she still shine during her sleep? In this case, she shines with beautiful blue rays.


Perfect enough for me, I was eating dry fast noodles outside and found this couple arguing about where to go. It is always like this, every time I’m in Beijing, I got asked several times a day for directions…and I always have to say I don’t know since I’m not from here. No matter when or where, always happens. It’s fun, I like helping others but in this

Cute Couple

Cute Couple

case, I am just as confused as they are so I can’t help.