Day Out

It was a rainy day, but I enjoy days like that in Beijing way better than the bright sunny ones, too bright, blinding level … I don’t know what people have been doing with their life, I know I’m looking for the ultimate spot for myself, I was … did I find it? I doubt that, the truth is when people are too comfortable with themselves and forget to feel for others, it became the mental cage. Human beings are truly a remarkable kind, they made things and they keep making the thing they’ve made useless. Technology changes so quickly now that it’s far beyond our learning ability. I dare say no one can master all new technology changes at all times. We build houses and tear it down to build a better one. We kill the old self and become a better person all the time. We just keep on changing, keep on moving on something else. But what happens when we all go back to ashes? When that day comes, all is meaningless, all is silent. Is it?


Now that’s art … by nature

Goldfish for Sale

They are so cute … but I can’t really think about taking them home and kill them one way or another. Let someone else do the job, I’ve done that enough already.


All kinds of gods and more…

Something is Wrong

Relax Honey!

Relax Honey!

I want to go for a vintage look and I must have done something wrong here, it feels wrong, but I’m not going to stop posting it, it took me time and I would like to be commented or helped, okay, maybe just looked at? WordPress seriously suffer from spam and that’s why I’ve closed my comments.


Green Leaves of Summer

Green Leaves of Summer

Finding colors in BJ is not hard. As a woman, I also adore cute animals, flowers and a lot more!

Detail Always Wins

Adore this one

Wall Art

Wall Art

. A mix of the West and the East? I think so.

The Happy Sheep

Happy Sheep Looking Right at You!

Happy Sheep Looking Right at You!

I don’t know what the official translation for the popular Chinese cartoon character “The Happy Sheep” is. I’ll just refer to it asĀ The Happy Sheep, sure looks happy! Beijing is amazing, if you are a photographer and haven’t been to Beijing, you are missing out!

Try to Resist

I have to admit, if I were 18 again or if I own a place instead or owning the right to live in a place for the next 12 months, I’ll get something here for sure. I got asked by a local Beijinger, while holding her cigarette she asked why I keep taking photos of old ugly places, “focus on only the beautiful things” said the smoking lady, not exactly in the sweetest tone.

Words failed me.

Lanterns and color

Lanterns and color

One Door Closes, the Other Opens

You just never know, don’t you? With all confidence and seriousness, I just don’t have control over the world, not yet anyways. I can still remember one of my friends claimed that one day she would become the most significant person working for the UN when she was only ten-years-old. She’s now married and working in a bank. I did think her dreams were great when she said it many many years ago but looks like we will never know what happens next.

Black is the Best

Whenever I think of the color Black, I think it’s just right. Flattering, elegant and mysterious. Don’t hesitate, go with black!