Plant is for Life

Intense Watercolor Artist … if I could be anything, I’d love to do this for a living. But just being able to do this, being a part of the VerySmallStudio, life has offered so much more.

Drops from Heaven


Life is Round


Don’t remember many things that happened in my life. I’m sure there are regrets and wounds, but surviving till this day, I found life most fascinating.

Just when you think you are turning a page to the next chapter of your life, many unexpected events or feelings will pull you back to the old times, flipping back several pages. All this time you thought you are moving forward, it’s just been spinning around. But let’s make it the best spin ever.

When’s the last time I truly felt free, I actually don’t think I ever felt that way.

I walked, I ran, I cried.

I am caged and I imagined as I grow older that one day I shall be fearless and strong, but I helplessly failed to climb back up.

I don’t pray any more because I know it won’t do me any good.

Tears weakens my spirit by the minute, stabs my soft heart, altering my soul.

This is sad and true and far from over, but isn’t this why life is amazing. Life needs to have up and downs and life is a wonderful experience no matter why it is intended that way. At least, you need to believe so.

If you loose this faith you’ll never go back, lost in the mist of doubts and fall as a sad clown.

I sing, I draw, I laugh.

One day I’ll throw away all my troubles and laugh until my last breath.



Note to self:

One day I might be able to make some money on writing lyrics? Maybe …

Jennifer S

Can’t really say I do art, but hell I like art and people has always been my inspiration. So are many other things … well, good luck Jen and have fun.

Thumb Up to Jen!

Thumb Up to Jen!

Japanese Fabric

My one-day sewing lesson doesn’t make me a great tailor, but I love Japanese fabric for its colors, patterns and you must touch a fabric to know the craftsmanship, it is absolutely true. Enjoy.

Japanese fabric

Kokoro Dance

Kokoro dance


If Kokoro Dance is new to you, congratulations, one more absolutely amazing thing happened in your life and now it’s your turn to check it out. Vancouver classes in DT.

Graphic Resume


Better Catch Up!

Better Catch Up!

So this is what everybody’s up to recently, graphic resumes! As vector lover, I know I have much to experiment with. This is just the beginning. I feel I’m more comfortable with colors now than ever. It’s almost strange that it just came to me one day without warning. Very happy!

The 2012 Beijinger Reader Restaurant Awards

As the most popular section of  The Beijinger, Dining is a big deal. Compare to other section editors, dining editors are the busiest and are often victims of rapid weight gain. I have worked with two dinning editors in the course of my employment with True Run Media and I feel very lucky. They are both so professional and talented. I wish some days we can work together again. Now getting back to the making of this incredible cover.

For the TBJ Reader Restaurant Awards (from now on referred as RRA) which happens in March every year, restaurants are 100% voted by readers. Questionnaires  are so detailed that it requires at least 20 minutes of participation. I did it two times and I have to say if I wasn’t working for the magazine, I might not have the strength to finish it. Data is gathered quickly afterwards and winners are announced on the blogs first. Following the big ceremony (Victoria, our marketing manager is always drunk by the end) is the making of the April RRA issue.

Trust me, when you work for a magazine, you dine out a lot and as a result you get more picky about food. Although I have my favorites, I’m already ready for new experiences. I would often join our editors for dinner in new restaurants and taste food there without revealing who we are – undercover dinning. We don’t lie about food, not even for a client. In a city like Beijing where people really fight to survive, great restaurants simply keep getting better and bad ones fade out of people’s memory in no time. Being able to participate in two RRAs, I was very fortunate. Miss the days working with Marilyn and Iain. Such open-minded people, gentle and kind.

We could have Photoshop a logo onto the cropping board photo, but like what I learned in design school, it’s always better when you can make the real thing. That’s why I’m presenting the footage here, it feels like such a simple process now, I still remember at the time I was amazed by technology and what it’s capable of offering. Enjoy the issue simply by clicked on itlic font in line one.

Dining awards 2012


Recruiting Fine Dining Partner

Recruiting Fine Dining Partner

Dining awards 2012

2012 TBJ Reader Restaurant Awards from max wu on Vimeo.


I am deeply entertained by animals when they look like this. This somehow brings out the cutest side of a dog (or cat) for me. This illustration doesn’t do justice to this cutie, but I was forced to get up this morning at 5am, thanks guys, as neighbors you guys are the best alarm clocks. Oh, it’s Sunday, how sweet!


What Kind of Dog is This!

What Kind of Dog is This!


I don't have a first name.


The Winters

Recently there has been quite a few wedding news. This is one of my favorites. Just a great couple with matching hobbits that greatly benefit their friends in numerous ways! Talking about cooking, baking and drinking here. And that’s not all they can do, genuinely nice people! Enough, to the cute couple!

Lauren and Enda

Market Place

Panjiayuan is just a wonderful place for photographers, people who have lots of free time and also for people who’re into vintage styles. I actually don’t know what these are for but they are just so darn cute that I had to take some photos.

China balls

Mr. Wang

Glad I bought him, otherwise what would be hanging on my bag strap right now? Well, won’t be able to see him everyday but I do appreciate him being around from time to time.

Mr. Wang

Flower Arrangement

FA is something I’ve wanted to learn but always feared I’ll become more and more feminine to the point I don’t really know who I am anymore, wait, I am female, I don’t have to think about being too feminine.
Flowers on my table

First Visit to Mann Cafe

This photo probably doesn’t do justice to the place. Well, as expensive as it is, Mann does offer a great place to study, chat or do business. They’ve chosen some of the best locations in the city, no doubt their business is just getting bigger and better, I do wonder how often they wash their bears … hmm …Mann bear



Holidays, Anyone?

Many people went out of the city for the holidays, I was on the highway for only one day and ran into a tiny accident, saw two big accidents on the way to Dandong City and can still remember many bored and exhausted faces. What does it mean to be holidays? Does anyone seriously take time to think about it? I bet it’s like being unprepared to answer interview questions such as “so … tell me about your fear”. Of course not, holidays are designed for us to rest, to enjoy and to refill our fuels that keep us going. I always like to spend my holidays aboard. It’s just a good chance to experience something different, to gain more knowledge about life and of course to see something amazing! Leave this one imageless so that people can use their imagination and picture the best holiday spot for themselves. I have my favorite one too but I’m not going to tell you which one. A secret makes a woman ____?